Question Coil whine in headphones while playing

Sep 24, 2022
Hello. I own an Aorus 2080 TI Xtreme. The GPU is 3 years old.

There was some itchy / buzzing sound in the headphones when GPU is loaded in games. I found that the same sound comes from the GPU and only when the GPU is loaded. And the sound is heard only in the left earpiece. In rest mode, when listening to music and watching videos, there is no such sound. I tried to reconnect the GPU, tried to connect headphones to the back panel, checked the cables - alas, it did not help. I also tried reinstalling the OS with the latest drivers installed. Itching in the headphones is audible even if the game sound is turned off. In the FurMark test, this itching is also present. In the game, if you lift the camera up - the itchy sound disappears in the headphones and from the GPU, if you return the camera back to its normal position - the itching returns. I think its coils in GPU make this noise. The itching sound is very audible when playing at 120 fps, at 60 fps it is almost inaudible (but for example, in Dying Light at 60 fps itching is audible). I just can’t understand why such a problem did not appear immediately, but only a few years after the purchase.

Please advise what can be done to eliminate this noise in the headphones and GPU?

Sorry for my bad English.

PC configuration:
CPU: i9-9900k
CPU Cooling: NZXT Kraken X72
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
GPU: Aorus 2080 Ti Xtreme
RAM: DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4000 MHz HyperX Predator RGB Kingston
PSU: Corsair RM1000i 1000W
Case: Fractal Design Define S2 Blackout
Monitor: Acer XB273K S