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Question Coil whine in headphones

Jun 13, 2020
Hello. I cleaned up my keyboard and when i plugged it into PS2 port (old keyboard) it didn't worked. So I <Mod Edit> up my keyboard ( I had to buy a new one anyway ). I tried to plug in second time and this time I heared a "BEEEP" sound in my headphones. After 30 seconds I realize that I'm hearing a static noise through my headphones. ( I think it's called Coil Whine ). When I switch the volume from 0 to 1 and vice versa I can hear like a click noise. My question is what i broke besides the old keyboard, what was that "BEEEP" alert and how i solve this. I tried to switch to front panel 3.5 mm jacks and same result. I connected the headphones to my laptop and there is fine. So the problem is in my PC (MSI tomahawk z390 Mobo, Gigabyte 2070 rtx, seasonic focus plus PSU, i7 9700k) Please HELP ME, the sound is so annoying.
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