Question Coil Whine issue with 2060 Super (MSI VENTUS OC)

Aug 8, 2019
On load, my graphics card omits a faint high pitch buzzing sound. It isn't very serious and I can't hear with my headphones on, and when I asked my parents and some of my friends to listen to it, they either said it was extremely faint or they couldn't hear it at all. But for me I can seem to hear it, yes faintly but it is definitely audible.

I was able to confirm that it was from the GPU thanks to afterburner and a benchmark tester like heaven. (The frequency of the sound changes based on the amount of stress being put on the GPU)

My question is if this is normal on the Ventus cards, or should I attempt to RMA it? The issue I have with RMA that I am afraid of, is if they receive it, test it, they find nothing wrong with it then send it back, I might then end up with a product even more damaged than before.

Or is this the normal sound all graphic cards make?

X570 Aurus elite wifi
2060 Super (MSI VENTUS OC)
EVGA G3 SuperNova 850 Watt PSU
Oct 7, 2019
I have the same problem with my MSI Ventus OC Rtx 2080 Super, and Psu RM850X Corsair, i'm not sure is a normal issue with this card, it can be probably the psu like the gpu itself.