Question Coil whine on Asus Z370-P II motherboard

Jan 29, 2019
Hello Everyone,

Can you help me with my coil whine problem? I have a Z370-P II motherboard from Asus and when i move the mouse i have a little little coil whine that sounds from the CPU/RAM area. When i stress the processor with p95 or other stress software the buzzing is disappear. This sound is only when the computer is on idle. If i switch between the power management from windows on power saving is dissapear, high performance & balance the buzz is appear. I tried with a cheap mouse and the coil whine is almost gone.
The PSU is a Seasonic Focus 650W. The sound is not from the PSU. I remove GPU and the little sound is still there. I read that the modern motherboards has some features for power manangement and almost all motherboard has coil whine. Is that true? Should i RMA the board?
I don't hear the sound on my headset, i hear it only with my head on the case. I must be worry about this? Thank you for your time!

Here is a video to see how is sounds: