Question Coil Whine on New Build


Dec 9, 2014

I started to build a new system in October last year.

Initially an

i7 - 10700k
Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X ATX Motherboard
Corsair RMx 850
HyperX FURY Black HX436C17FB3K2/16 Memory 16 GB Kit*(2 x 8 GB) 3600MHz DDR4 CL17 DIMM1Rx8 (x4)
G900 Chaos Spectrum Mouse
Phantek M Pro Case (?)
Noctua D14 Cooler
Samsung 1 TB Evo M.2 970 Plus
1080 Ti FTW 3

Asus Rog Monitor 165 Hz (Unplugging cables, Unplugging monitor made no difference)

I got some really obnoxious coil whine, especially when moving the mouse

I replaced the motherboard with a Z490 MAG Tomahawk and the whine seemed to stop, however, it has since returned. I'm not sure precisely when as I installed new bios, new chipset drivers and a new CPU Cooler (An Artic Liquid Freezer II 240mm Rev 3) in the front of the case as intake.

I've tried switching to an older PSU of the same model that is in another system and the whine in my main system was not affected, the noise persisted. I tried booting without the GFX card and while I couldn't seem to get anything on the screen from the IGPU I still heard the whine when moving my mouse around so discounted the GFX card.

However at this point, since I have replaced the motherboard, the PSU and the Mouse (albeit with a G903) and the noise persists i'm stumped. I don't believe disabling C-state removed it. Lowering the polling rate on the mouse seems to help with the whine but going below 500 is not really an option.

The whine appears to come simultaneously from the PSU and the VRM area on the motherboard.

Optimized defaults make no difference. Setting to a fixed voltage of 1.28 V, 1.3 V and 1.35 V makes no difference.

I was getting the whine on the Gigabyte Board even using the 980 Gtx

My theories at this point are that I either

  1. Have a bad Corsair RM850x that has done some sort of permanent damage to the VRMs on 2 motherboards
  2. 2 Bad Motherboards (unlikely as they are different makes/models and have developed the same issue in a few weeks of use)
  3. 2 Bad PSUs (The other PSU seems to behave and be rather quiet in the other system, which has an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, an i7 7700k, 980 Gtx and 16 GB of similar RAM at lower frequency)
  4. Somehow a bad processor that is requesting some unusual currents/voltages
I can afford to replace the parts (and clearly already have) but without knowing what's causing this I am really at the point of gritting my teeth and not enjoying my pretty good system until meteor lake comes out and building a brand new system without a single leftover component.