Question Coil whine?

Aug 10, 2019
There was a strange sound when i was playing Assassins Creed Odyssey or even the Witcher 3 ONLY but i opened my pc to clear it and when i've done what i had to , i rebuild it then i turned it on as usual but this time the sound was permanent .
It was only in game but even on desktop...
I removed every component one by one to find the problem.
Starting with gpu , then hdd then fan(s) since there were only motherboard and cpu into the pc.
Thought it was the alim but in fact i removed it from the pc too , and set up outside the pc , then turning on the pc and hear the sound again but not coming from the alim.
Atm there are only 1 fan , cpu and motherboard in my computer ( i removed the gpu) but i can hear the sound again.

Have in my pc :
CPU : AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz up to 4.3 8 cores
GPU : MSI 1050 ti 4go
RAM : 16go DDR3
Alim : 550W
HDD : 1to
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