Question Coil whine

Oct 5, 2021
My PC has been suffering from coil whine for some time, but it's very loud. I have tried multiple PSU's (2x System Power 9 600w, 1x RM650x 2018) which made no difference. Tried multiple GPU's (Palit 2060, Sapphire Pulse 5500 XT, MSI Gaming X 5500 XT), which all had different coil whine but still very bad. I thought it was my motherboard so I RMA'd it, but after receiving a new one (same model, different board) the noise didn't change. It's not a fan, because I still hear it with every fan unplugged, GPU fans turned off, CPU fan stopped and PSU fan not spinning in the first place. I want it to be quiet, but that's just not happening with this coil whine.

Gaming X 5500 XT 8gb
ASRock B460M Pro4
HyperX Fury RGB 16gb 3200
RM650x 2018

Under load:

While watching a video:
Sadly its kind of normal and sound more like it could be your power grid or otherthings in the house you have plugged into the same breaker. Could try to plug the pc into a sinewave UPS battery backup or just deal with those noise sadly "yeah I know it sucks try a r9 fury back in the day lol"