Cold Install of Win98 to a Laptop


May 20, 2006
I recently acquired a Toshiba Tecra 8100 from a business collapsing. It had a pw-protected copy of Win2000 on it. Since I couldn't get in, and I hate that OS anyhow, I reformatted the hard drive and put Win98SE on it instead.

I managed to get pretty much all the drivers I needed from Toshiba's website (Savage 8meg graphics, Yamaha DS-XG sound, internal modem, Cardbus(?)), but I have yet to solve two remaining problems:

1. There is one remaining yellow exclamation mark next to "PCI Card," which is under the heading "Other Devices" in the Device Manager. It appears not to be the bus for the pcmcia slot as I originally suspected, but I can't be sure. Anyhow, I can't figure out what it refers to.

2. When running DXDiag (6.x), every time it does a graphics acceleration test (spinning cube), it runs just fine in software mode, and crashes to desktop (closing the dxdiag program altogether) as soon as it tries to switch to hardware acceleration.

Any idea how to fix either of these problems? It's my first laptop, so I still have quite a bit to learn. :oops:


Talk about a step backwards...

I personally would have stuck with 2K... better than 98 and way better than ME. Try downloading the latest chipset drivers and installing those... that might be a chipset device that Windows doesn't have a driver for. If you don't have a PCMCIA controller in the list, then that is definately the driver it needs.

Why are you running DirectX 6? Update!