Question Color of 1080 Founders card GeForce "logo" from ebay different color than my current one. Misuse of GPU?

Jan 19, 2020
Ok so I bought a used 1080 off of ebay for sli so I could have better performance when play games in surround with my new triple monitor setup. When I received the card everything seemed fine until I put it in my system. I noticed right away that the color of the GEFORCE GTX logo is significantly duller than my 1080 that I have had since day of release. Upon further inspection corners of some of the letters seem whiter and seem like the white led behind is bleeding through more. I took both cards out and compared the unlit logos and saw that the rubber or whatever it is has a noticeable color difference unlit.

I had a hard time taking a picture of it with my phone as the camera would correct the color and the color difference be unnoticeable but I took an out of focus picture far away and was able to capture the difference see picture here

I was wondering if I should return this card to the seller as they do accept returns because I am under the impression that if this card was abused and ran basically 24/7 that the high heat produced from either poor cooling or misuse that the plastic or rubber would degrade and give it that worn and old look.

I really just want a second opinion on whether or not I should return it and try my luck with another or just keep it hand hope it doesn't break anytime soon so I could sell it when new GPU comes out, I really don't lose anything by returning it, just time. Thanks
I don't know where to start.

  • SLI is an horrible idea these days. 1 good GPU > 2 lower one and normally the price is better.
  • The price of a 1080 is ridiculous and should not be bought anymore. I hope you paid cheap for that.
  • What resolution are you playing and what refresh rate? If it's 1080p what you did is totally pointless.
  • That picture you took 20 feet away. Why? Take it at 2 feet away next time without the blurry mess.
  • We have no information on your system whatsoever except your GPU.
  • This is just colors. It won't affect performance but since we can't see anything really we can't tell.
There is no way we can tell you if you should return the card. The only thing we see is the colors. We don't even know if what you bought is really a gtx 1080. Could be a fake 1080.

Can you please take another screenshot from closer without the blur?
Can you please give us your full system specs including brand and model?
Can you please give us some GPU-Z screenshots so we can see that second 1080 specs on GPU-Z.
Can you please give us your PSU? Since you added a second 1080 you gonna make sure your PSU can keep up with that.