Question Color on monitor seems washed out and transparent ?

Oct 20, 2021
This happened after I dropped my iPad against my keyboard. After a few seconds, the display shifted to a greyish colour and everything seems transparent. The montor then went to sleep mode
I tried to reinstall my GPU driver and changed my DisplayPort cable but nothing works.
When I perform a clean driver install, It will change back to the normal color for a few seconds and the monitor will go to sleep mode itself. The monitor will not wake up from sleep mode afterwards.

I tried to roll back the driver in device manager, and the colour on the monitor reverted back to normal.
Then I tried to reinstall the driver again and without surprise, the screen turns back to this greyish colour.
I tried both 472.12 and 496.13. Both didn't work.

CPU - 5 5600X
GPU - RTX 2060
RAM - 32 GB
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