Colorful’s Attempt To Re-Enter The U.S. Market

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Those PCI-E slot latches look like a rear wing of a plane. If they can offer more premium components than Biostar they can remain afloat but I'm assuming Biostar are rethinking their motherboard ventures at this point...
"Faced with scarcity, people become more willing to take a chance on products from a lesser-known brand."

If my choices were Biostar, Colorful or wait for others to get in stock....I'd wait. Building a computer is not a cheap investment and taking a chance on unknown brands is not something I'd be willing to do. Biostar isn't lesser-known and from what I do know of them, I would not use their parts.

If they survive long enough, maybe in a few years and if they have proven themselves to be of good quality, I'd consider them. As it stands now, for mobos, I only use AsRock and ASUS.


I assume the point was to make the latch accessible from either side of the card. Usually, the back side is more accessible, but not always.

Over the last year, we have seen companies struggle to maintain adequate stocks of the latest Intel Skylake and Nvidia Pascal hardware.
Were there Skylake board shortages, or just the CPUs?

I used to put stock in reputation, but the only mobo that ever died on me was made by ASUS. And I had a good PSU and a good UPS (APC SmartUPS). All the other components worked perfectly, when I replaced it with an Intel desktop board.

The recipe for success (with me) is pretty simple: they need to have the key features I want, plus good reviews. This is what got me to consider ASRock. Nobody else had all the features I wanted.
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