Colorful Outs Clock Rates Of Four New iGame GTX 1060 Graphics Cards

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now if they'll just add these to their dang super ultra mega slow website. that'd be awesome. i keep seeing pr releases of cards from them but almost nothing is listed on their site compared to what i have seen in press releases.
The pricing of $149 wouldn't be reasonable. Its only 128 cores less and it would kill the sale of $299 1060 at half the price. It would have to be a $200 card to keep from cutting into the 1060 sales. IF so tho 2X 1152 core 1050's over a single 1060 would be a no brainier.

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so you figure that since there is no sli on the 1060, they'll be sure to enable it on the 1050? did you think that one through before posting??

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sorry i misunderstood :p

so you're point is that at half price you'd just do with less performance but buy a spare card. for like 10 years from now when the first one wears out, you got a shiny new 10 yr old card to drop in. that makes much more sense. my bad :sarcastic:
I would due with only 128 cores less for half the price. If you do the math this card should match the 970. Leak benchmarks has the 1060 running neck and neck with the 980 and this gpu is only a 10% drop in cores but has about the same 48 ROPs. A decent OC and this card could match the stock 1060 400 variant.


Apr 2, 2010
elbert if you do the math if you are paying over $100 for basically a gtx250 it is limited to a 192-bit memory bus. the performance to price ratio becomes a no brainer buy a 1070 and skip upgrading hassle for another 2-3 years beyond where you would have upgraded the 1050 and 1060.
even the gtx260's had a 256bit's the memory interface that's being used to creat artificial bottlenecks, which means this card was just a failed 1080 with more of it's cores limited either due to failure or bios or in the case of amd athlon xp cpu's choke pipes on the pcb or die. (makes me wonder if i can get my hands on some older cards and identify the choke pipes and solder in some wire jumpers or pencil in like the amd athlon xp chips
F-14 the GTX1060 has the same 192-bit memory bus as the unnamed 1152 core variant 300. Both should outperform the GTX970 thus the large price difference if were to be 1050 would make no sense. This is all im saying due to a price stand point.


Apr 8, 2007
Those clock rates do not matter, because cards boost over them depending on chip quality, cooling and power limit. Important is only quite and effective cooling, and maximum overclock possible for gp106 chip- likely 10% from 1900MHz, based of 3dmark scores:
Clock rates do matter ... because the boost over them is within a fixed range. The whole thing about clock rates is manufacturers have to guarantee that the card meets them .... that's *every card*. In order to not lose their proverbial shirt doing that, they set the clocks at a rate appropriate for the cooling and componentry on the card. If the card doesn't throttle, then the componentry and silicon lottery are the only remaining differences. And when the results are always consistent, then the lottery is not a factor.

This is no different than any other component.

-System builders looking for the best possible performance via CPU / GPU overclocking, will buy a higher end motherboard because the better componentry and better VRM provides more stable and cleaner voltage which oft results in observable increase in CPU / GPU OC

-System builders looking for the best possible performance via CPU / GPU overclocking, will buy a higher end PSU because the better componentry and better VRM provides more stable and cleaner voltage which could otherwise nix increases in CPU / GPU performance.

-System builders looking for the best possible performance via GPU overclocking, will buy a higher end card because the better componentry and better VRM provides more stable and cleaner voltage which oft results in an extra 0.1 GHz or more increase in CPU OC. This was never more obvious than with the GTX570 where overclockers were frying their VRMs left and right on reference (incl. EVGA SC) cards

Over the years, nVidia has tried to limit what their AIB partners can do, both legally and with design as they don't like that an overclocked 970 gives more performance than a 980 at twice the price. That's why they have artificially gimped their cards with low throttling points ... 980 Ti said max temp was 98C, but throttled at 85C .... with 10xx they lowered it further to 82C. But to create space between the 970 and 980, they dropped the 970 to 80C.

This has marginalized the real high end cards like the Classy, Matrix and Lightning as they only brought 1-2% improvement over the gamer cards. And those that quote benchmarks seem to miss the fact that most report max boost clock .... so when the card is bouncing up and down due to thermal or power limits, the max rather than min clock is reported. Look at the min clocks and we see awhile 'nother story.

Now of course, any given manufacturer can choose to provide a high factory overclock to induce sales knowing that a certain % of those sold will not be able to maintain that OC. Then they rely on:

1. Most won't notice
2. TS can wear down many of those that do by continually putting them thru long drawn out troubleshooting routines and blaming other components
3. The few who persevere thru that is a minimal cost compared with the sales increase from users attracted by the higher OC

Lots of 980 Tis had great and effective coolers

Asus Matrix managed 137.7 FPS in BF3
Asus Stix manages 131.7

MSI Lightning Managed 138.6
MSI Lightning Managed 130.5

Colorful's 980 Ti didn't throttle and yet it's OC maxed out at 126.5

Clearly, as all cards have coolers that do not result in throttling, the componentry must be making something happen.

So while it may not matter **to an individual** because you don't overclock or because you don't care if your card throttles, by all means those folks are just fine with a reference card. Those who want more, will spend more because there **is** a performance difference between the cards because of the componentry used.

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