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Question Colors brighter/washed up since reinstalling Windows


Mar 26, 2018
I reinstalled my OS today (Windows 10), and I'm noticing a problem with my colors.

So... before I reinstalled my OS, I had this "issue" that whenever I would start Chrome (or any browser), the colors would be a little messy for like half a second, then they would "snap", and become much more pleasant. You could easily tell by looking at the Youtube icon, as it was turning from a bright neon red to a nice, darker red. This was probably caused by a piece of software, most likely the graphics driver. I say that because I seem to remember that during graphics driver updates, I would sometimes see those washed up colors for a while, until the driver finished installing.

Now, after fresh reinstalling the OS, the colors no longer get "fixed" after that half a second. They stay this unpleasant, bright, shade, and I can't stand it. At first I didn't think much of it, thinking it would be solved after installing the graphics driver, but it's not solved. I had never tinkered with color adjustment before (not in monitor settings, not in nvidia settings, not in Windows settings), so I'm fairly positive no "special" setting is required to fix these colors (i.e. night mode, blue light filter, color adjustment or whatever).

I'm attaching a screenshot of part of an old facebook conversation, taken on the old OS (with "good" colors), and a screenshot of a current facebook conversation taken with the "bad" colors, to better illustrate the difference (though I'm not sure if it helps). You can clearly see the chat bubbles in the above picture are not as bright.

Is there anything I am missing? Any quick setting I should turn on or off?


aorus z370 gaming 5
Intel i7 8700k,
nvidia gtx 1080,
LG ultrawide 34uc79g