Question Colors on new graphics card is a lot different than old graphics card


Nov 11, 2020
hey team, i had an rx 560 before and replaced it with an r9 290x

i noticed right away that the colors using my new gpu are a lot "paler". its like they're not as vibrant than what i was getting from the rx 560. the colors are comparable to what i would get from my xbox one

ive installed the latest radeon software and it is recognised on it but was wondering if i have to install something else, like specific r9 290x software? or is the colors what is normal for the gpu, considering it is from 2013/2014...

r9 290x is performing a lot better than the 560 btw; for example, im getting higher fps and i can see ernie johnson's hair folicles now..... the detail is really good on this card but the color seems off..... i wonder if that's how it is