Question Combining y cable and pwm extention to hub - Safe?

May 8, 2022
I got a Fractal Design - Define 7 XL. In it there's a Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub. It supports 3x 4-pin PWM.

Problem is I got 4x PWM fans (Noctua NF-A14) 140mm

3x Front Intake
1x Exhaust

I intend to have the exhaust plugged in the hub. Leaving 2x PWM left on the hub.

So I was thinking plugging 2 front fans with y cable (Noctua - NA-YC1) then to a pwm extention cable then the hub. Is that okay?

The 3rd front fan will plugged with an pwm extention to the hub.

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I checked. The manual (1-17) says each header
CHA_FAN1 - Max. Current 1A. Max. Power 12W
CHA_FAN2 - Max. Current 1A. Max. Power 12W

The Noctua NF-A14:
Input Power: 1.56W
Operating Voltage: 12V

And we got 4 of those.

So you think it's okay?

oh 1amp yeah it will be fine with 2x fans on one with a Splitter
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