Combo Memory Boards


Nov 25, 2007
Hello Everyone. This is actually my first post, even though I've been reading the forums here and the site for ~10 years. I've built quite a few systems in my time, but it has been a while. I'm still running on my old Epox 8RDA+ with an Athlon 2400+ Mobile and a 6600GT. I'm finally looking to build a new system because I'm tired of playing games on minimal settings. I have settled on building an Intel based system, probably with a Q6600 or E6750. I am now trying to settle on a motherboard. I like to stretch my investments as much as possible, so I'm interested in the combo boards, but I know very little about them. I do like to overclock, but I'm not going to spend $2K+ on a system. Have any of you had any experiences with the combo boards such as Asus P5KC, Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R or MSI P35 Neo Combo? I'm just curious if these are worth buying, or if it would be better to just buy a new mobo when I decide to upgrade to DDR3. If these boards are not worth messing with, I'm looking at the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R or the MSI P35 Neo2-FR. Any input is appreciated.



Jan 31, 2006
Any of those boards would be good but I'd probably go with Gigabyte or ASUS over the MSI. I believe the R is if you want to use RAID, I think it means its supports RAID 5. Given DDR3 seems to be around $1000 or more, at least on the mfg website, I wouldn't wait for DDR3 to come down to anything close to DDR2 prices very soon so I wouldn't wait for the DDR3 boards.