Question ComboFix

Mar 26, 2019
Recently i have been using JRT+ Adwcleaner and to finish the session i would use ESETonline scanner.
Is there a alternative to ComboFix that supports Win10?
Has not JRT's updating been discontinued (by Malwarebytes, who owned it), and, along with AdwCleaner, with both product's would-be detections already both folded into Malwarebytes Antimalware?

I've never found anything on my own PCs, but, when I've used MBAM on other's PCs, it seems to find almost anything and everything worth finding....

Throw in a Hitman Pro/Zelmana scan, and if they don't find anything, but you are sure you have something, it'd be easier to quick format/reinstall WIn10 from USB in 4-6 minutes than to run 10 each lengthy scans hoping each finds something, but not really being sure...

You might also want to look at Freefixer, and Microsoft/SysInternal's ProcessExplorer, LastActivityView, and Autoruns....