Commell LV-679 / PSU Choices..


Mar 10, 2009
The board i've got the LV-679, this, seems to support having a power brick and just plugging that into the 4pin connector then tailing cables for drives and such out the standard 20-pin power socket (the cabling came with it), which seems a lot easier / cheaper than buggering about with an ATX PSU. Though I wouldn't have any clue what 'power brick' get get.

In the manual for the board it mentions 'DC 8~24V input connector'

If anyone can point me to the kinda 'power brick' i'll need, ebay or any UK sites would be great.

And how much power would they give. I mean I want the board, T7500 mobile chip, 1-2 SATA 7200 HDD's, and a laptop DVD reader. What kinda power would that draw at full pelt?

Here's the cables that came with the board..



Any help and ideas would be great.