Sep 10, 2011

I'm building a computer for the 1st time. I'm replacing an HP m9280f which has starting suffering from the 8800GT overheating (and possibly being the cause for the hard drive failing). I want something, therefore, with better cooling and something quieter (before I pulled the GPU it was really getting noisy).

I don't game but I do want this thing to serve as a home server and HTPC (I've got a Infinitv card in it). I'd like it to be able to output HD without a GPU as I don't intend to have a GPU. I'd like it to be able to be effective in photo and video editing. Other than that, I'm looking for UEFI as I'm thinking of replacing my ex495 given that neither HP nor Microsoft seem to care about WHS.

So one of my questions is can my build serve as a jack [HTPC,NAS,...] of all trades (minus gaming) and how will it suffer? [I'm using WMC and a Linksys DMA2200 as an extender to push my movies to the TV in the living room].

I'm looking to cannibalize my m9280f where I can (because I want to minimize noise I'm looking to go without a GPU which means I'm looking to leave the Q9300 behind and upgrade to an also means I need to upgrade to DDR3 RAM) but I think this is limited to the HDs (I've got a Corsair SSD), a couple of cards and DVD/CD. I'd like to save the inbuilt card readers but that wouldn't be a big loss.

I've got 2 spaces where this would fit. One is limited to 16.25" and so this is limited to MicroATX which I think won't serve. The space under the desk is limited to 23.5" tall which is where I'm planning on putting this ATX build.

I'm hoping I can get this done for less than $600.


ASUS P8Z68-V Pro (alternative: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3)

Intel i5-2500

Power Supply
Corsair 650W

8GB DDR3 (2x4GB)

Corsair CSSD-F120 [already have]
WD 2TB Caviar Black [already have]

Windows 7 64-bit [already have]

Diablo Tek EVO. The only issue I have with this case is that I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I've already disabled the shutdown capability on the child user accts on the computer (leaving them on their winnie the pooh and other toddler games). The on/off switch is prominent and will be on the ground which means its liable to be turned off on occasion. I may have to disable the physical on/off switch if this is a problem. The HP is nice because its off the ground and more discrete (on the top of the machine).

Is this overkill? I want this think to last a little while and I'm tired of the skimpiness of the HP solution. Do I need a custom fan on the CPU if I'm going to have it running 24x7 (I don't plan to OC). Are the 4 fans in the case too much (too loud) given that I won't be gaming?

Thanks, in advance, for your responses.


Jan 24, 2010
hey man, id go with a PC power and cooling 650w power supply, they are manufactured by Seasonic and are about as good as you can get for a power supply. They are roughly the same price as the corsairs, maybe slightly more but not a whole lot and its well worth the extra money.
^lol with no GPU, you'd be fine with an Antec 380. 650W would be way overkill.
The same goes for the motherboard: if you're not gaming, you don't need overclocking functions and SLI and Z68. However, all LGA 1155 boards seem to have some of those :D
Anyway, here's a $95 board that'll still be overkill but'll save you a chunk of change.
You won't need a CPU cooler, especially as it won't be under much load. CPUs don't have any kind of cumulative heat problems; the temperature levels off pretty fast.
With the case fans, you'll just have to find out. You can always replace them with super-quiet low-rpm Scythes if they get on your nerves.

Wait, what's wrong with micro-ATX? The only drawback to high-end micro-ATX is that there usually isn't room for SLI, but that won't be a problem for you (Two graphics cards? You have zero). Heck, why not mini-ITX? No GPU, no problem! It'll be cheaper, too.


Sep 10, 2011
Interesting. Thanks. I was considering the 650W as it was suggested by the Micro Center guy I had talked to. I guess it provides head room in case I want to add a GPU later in case my kids get into gaming but I expect by that time this computer will be a dinosaur. I was looking at a 500W as well. I guess that would be plenty.