Question Comments on parts list for planned colocated gaming server

Aug 17, 2020
I'm planning to build a custom "gaming server/workstation" that will be colocated locally. I run a somewhat popular Minecraft server with a few hundred players per day and given the limits of the game/java, the most critical factor is the fastest single core speed I can get - so I'm planning on an Intel build.

Our current machine uses an AMD Ryzen 7 3800x which isn't as ideal. Hosting companies focus on more cores rather than faster cores so my choices are limited, and from what I've seen, I am not excited about their other specs. It's cheaper in the long run to build my own and colocate.

While I've built PCs before, I've never made workstation (or server, but this will be a "workstation/tower" used as a server). I've been told I should be using ECC unbuffered memory, a motherboard/chip that supports it, and since my planned chip was an i9-10900K, I've gone with the "server equivalent" chip.

I'm just looking for any advice or comments on the parts I've picked.