Question Comp not sleeping properly/shutting down during sleep


Oct 5, 2018
Some background on the PC first:

-Something I put together several years ago and have upgraded over time
-Asus Z97A mobo
-i7 4790 (non-k)
-2 980 Ti GPUs running in SLI
-SSD boot drive w/ 2 HDDs running for storage
-Corsair HX750 PS
-16GB (2 8 gig sticks) of DDR3

Like I said the computer is older, but I've had very few problems with it over the years. This has just developed in the last couple of weeks. I started to notice that when I'd come in to wake the computer in the morning that it had actually shut all the way down. Chalked it up to updates at first, but it is a consistent problem now.

Ran through a few things to try to fix it (which I'll outline below) but now I am also having problems with the computer sleeping as a whole. Once the computer is on I can get it to wake one time. The next time I put it to sleep the drives don't seem to sleep - LEDs stay on, fans stay on etc., but also the keyboard and mouse do not 'wake' the PC. So screens are off, periphs are off, but PC is apparently in a half sleep state. Eventually I have to do a hard reset when this happens.

Things I've tried:
-Windows Updates
-Driver updates for just about everything (all were already up to date)
-Event viewer tells me Kernel-power 41 is the issue for shutdown - I've tried all the google-able fixes for this with no solution
-Reseated RAM
-Tried both RAM sticks by themselves
-CMD for SFC and chkdsc
-Ran malwarebytes and then even uninstalled that and several other programs
-A plethora of different power and sleep settings
-Reinstalled W10 (keeping all files and programs)

When I'm on the PC it works absolutely fine, so while this is workable it's definitely a symptom of a larger problem. Could it be a dying PSU? I was planning on just doing a new build soon, but for now this is what I have to work with so I'd like to get it solved.

Thanks for your time.