Compaq 4000 pro and XP professional


Dec 1, 2011
Has anyone been able to install Win xp on a Compaq 400 Pro? I get a blue screen right after the first step of loading all the drivers n stuff.
Sounds like insufficient installed RAM memory... may be due to lose or failing RAM sticks. Check modules are fully seated on their sockets, that the sockets are clean free of dust... remove one module at a time followed by testing the Win XP installation. If one module is deffective it should be evident or at least it should cut-out rightaway.

Other possible causes are:
1. the Power Supply may not be supplying enough power
2. The processor may be overheating...

Check the processor cooler fan is working at the normal speed... which should be evident by; the sound blown air makes, the perceived fan speed, or by the monitored speed in the BIOS. You may also have to check the processor has sufficient thermal grease to transmit the heat to the heat sink.

This last cause, overheating processor seems to be (at least in my experience) more common than bad ram when this type of shutdown problems occurr.