Compaq Armada 1700 6300/T/5000/D/M/1


Jan 9, 2013
I am getting my butt kicked here. I have this old notebook I was originally going to format for a friend to windows XP so he could run Diacom Pro for OBD1 on his car. However after looking over the laptop I have quickly decided windows 95 is the best option for the simple fact my phone has more power....

Now for the issue I am having while I still have yet to find all said drivers for this laptop I can't even start thinking about a reformat and a fresh copy of 95 until I find drivers for the CD ROM so I can make DOS see the cdrom that being said the Cdrom in question is as followed.

Matshita UJDA150

Now I have been all over the net looking for said drivers from the HP website to random sites I still have yet to find a real answer as to what driver I need the only one I have tested for sure was a KME.exe which connected to a kmeatapi.sys driver which is part of a Kyushu Matsushita Cdrom and it failed. I found this site even though its in french that has a list of drivers but it still doesnt help. Best I can tell its a panasonic cdrom drive atleast that is what the internet tells me. Another reason I was leaning at a Panasonic was because of this PDF it clearly has marked on it that the UJDA150 CDROM comes with software however thats about as far as I have found.

I need some help here I need to get this freaking pc finished and out of my house before it drives me up the wall. Its bad enough I am having to mess with dos without a floppy drive! PLEASE HELP ! <3 ty