Question Compaq DC7600 CPU upgrade problem

Jun 11, 2021
HI I'm trying to upgrade my HP Compaq DC7600 from a Pentium 1 or 4 to a Pentium D dual core.. I have the cpu installed and the machine boots up ok, but I'm getting a micro code update error code. The machine has win 7 installed and I've looked on the HP web page for bios drivers but to no avail.. I was told to use Win XP Drivers but the bios listing in the readme exe files says that the bios is updated.
It is a fairly complicated process to update the bios and I'm wondering if it is a situation were the board manufacturer(HP) Says the board will support the CPU (Pentium D 945) but never put out an updated bios file for the board to run the Pentium D, or is there an actual bios upgrade that I can get or do? I'm also wondering if it's a the Pentium D works in another generation of HP mother board.? Thank you if any one else has experienced this and has a solution please let me know. thank you. Terence.