Compaq presario 2500 (2597US) not charging


Feb 27, 2010
compaq presario 2597US (2003) has been giving me charging problems (the dc power supply indicator does not light up) since few months now. Initially i changed the adapter, which worked for a few weeks but the same problem started again. Now again after rep[lacing the adapter i realised that the dc jack pin feels a little loose, though cant say for sure. Well my lappy totally dead now, so i tried taking it apart to see if i could do anything about the dc jack but it looks pretty well attached to the motherboard.
What do i do next?
is the lappy worth salvaging?
Can i recover data from the HDD?


Does the centre pin of the jack feel loose but the rest of the socket seem okay ?

If the pin is loose, I would test it with a multimeter on the ohms or continuity setting and see if the reading changes as you waggle the pin.

As you say you have already changed the power supply cube, you might as well try replacing the jack socket -- it's a fairly simple solder job -- though make sure you can obtain a replacement first.

There's not much point in paying to have a 2003 model laptop repaired.