Compaq Presario 5140EA BIOS problem


Jul 23, 2007
I'm currently trying to fix a Compaq Presario 5140EA (athlon 1.3 ghz) because the OS was being weird. So i formatted the HDD, installed XP, than it has to restart the computer ( you know the routine) but from that point it gave errors.

After a while i found out that Compaq used some kind of hidden partition where they keep part of their BIOS/ startup software...

Since i don't have any recovery CD's ( and can't find them) ; my final option was to flash the BIOS and than hope that the Compaq **** is gone :p

According to the Compaq site the motherboard is of the type "Uwave2".

Never heard of so i went on searching. According to some other sites i found the BIOS version should be :

However those manufacturers have a bios guardian, which i should disable before being able to flash the BIOS. But Compaq has a setup utility at the start up that bypasses the original bootscreen. Meaning i don't know any more options...

If anyone has remarks or things i can try out, i would be very grateful =)
I have searched this forum for related topics; but i didn't find people with a problem that was similar to mine. Most of them were able to fix the problem with the restore discs; which i don't have...

Thanks in advance^^


Jun 25, 2005
I flashed a R3000 by putting a biosfile (renamed to BIOS), a flasher program (phlash.exe) and a textfile saved as äutoexec.bat" to a floppy, and booted from that (usb floppy drive, could work from a cd too). It flashed the bios without a problem. The autoexec file just had the following line:
phlash BIOS.WPH
Maybe some similar routine for your bios available? You can get a compaq bare biosfile by extracting a Compaq rompaq with winrar, you might have to extract the result of the first extracting a second time.


Apr 25, 2006
When I flashed my wife's HP so that it would recognise the Opteron CPU I bought for an upgrade I had to use the /nbl tag on the command line: AWDFLASH.exe /nbl XXXXXXX.rom

Try that and see what happens.