Compaq presario motherboard question

You have a good question; can't remember if the single core 939's are 64 bit compatable, which is what you have. I don't recommend windows 7 unless you can find the files for vista on hp's website for your specific board. I tried windows 7 on an old hp 939 board recently, and it couldn't find the files for hp drivers. You'll need to use hp's website for any windows 7 files. Some older boards will load it just fine; some are a pain.


Oct 16, 2011
it has a single core processor in it. I just need to speed it up to use my virtual machines for college. So I need a faster processor for it which I need to know what socket it has.
Use this link if you've never changed a cpu: According to hp's website, you can use up to a 4800 x2 dual core. I suggest you post a request for a specific cpu on your local craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum. You may get lucky and find an affordable one. A local business had a dual core 939 brand new recently where I live for best offer. It was a retail box unit.