Mar 18, 2012
So, I've been in the market for a new gaming laptop for the last couple months and I had one in mind that I was pretty much set on until this weekend (when I was planning to buy it). I went to my local computer store to see if they had one in stock, and they didn't, but the man in the store told me there was a new processor generation that came out and referred me to a different computer. The new computer looks nice, but I don't know too much about the company or their reliability; and it's a new computer so buyer feedback is scarce. All I'm looking for here is informed opinions on which computer would be better to buy. Thank you.

This is the computer I was planning on buying:

Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7384

Intel i7 2.2ghz 2nd gen processor
8 gigs RAM
2 500GB hard drives
Nvidia GeForce graphics card with 1.5GB memory
17.3 inch display
1600X900 display


And the other guy:


Intel i7 2.3-3.3ghz 3rd gend processor
8 gigs RAM
750GB hard drive
Nvidia GeForce graphics card with 2GB memory
17.3 inch display
1920X1080 display


I'm just looking for opinions and all concerning which computer will be a better bet for gaming and handling several programs at once. I'm not worried about the price difference. I'm also interested in which one will be better aesthetically, more long-lasting, and which company is more supportive of their customers. Thanks.
The MSI one has a better CPU & a higher resolution screen which I think makes it by far the better of the 2. The Toshiba has 2 hard drives and a bluray drive which are its 2 advantages. The 2 graphics cards are very similar in performance.