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Oct 21, 2018
Are you confident with your driving skills? It’s time to show off your fabulous driving skill with these following driving games at Manti Games - the best free online games - play now

1. Moto X3m 4

Do you think you can make it to the finish line?

This is the fourth version of the Moto X3M famous motorcycle racing game. You will join in the fastest drive ever and get through a lot of challenging trails. In this version, you will take part in another racing game that’s set in the winter theme. Your driving skill will be tested with a series of icy roads and tracks. The tracks will be deadly sometimes, but you will have a checkpoint on the track. Therefore, if you fail at your first try, you can replay again from that checkpoint, no need to start over from the beginning. Do you think you can make it to the finish line?

2. Speedy Car Race

Even just a simple racing game, Speedy Car Race will get you addicted as soon as you start playing. In this game, you can set your own record and practice your excellent driving skills. There are 10 unique stages and various challenging tasks for you to play with. This game has fun interesting graphics with simple gameplay that is suitable for the player of all ages. You will get chances to choose your own car with many interesting options. Keep your eyes on the tracks and speed up your car to win over the champion title in this Speedy Car Race game.

3. Chase Racing Cars

Let’s drive on a fast-paced racing game with the Chase Racing Cars. You will get through some intense obstacles and even get rid of your rival’s cars on the way by using many extra game options. In this fun game, you need to collect as many coins as you can on your racing road. You can use this money to purchase more upgrade options which can help your racing be easy. There is a bomb feature that will support you to eliminate other opponents ‘cars. The game has available web browser versions for you play on another device such as smartphones or tablets. Gear on and have fun racing time now with this game.

4. Big Parking

It’s quite simple but needs a lot of effort to make it in the right way.

Your parking skill is fabulous, isn’t it? Are you confident that you will make it and be the winner of this Big Parking game? It’s time to give your driving skill a test. Taking your wheel to turn left or just go right, it’s all up to your parking skill. You will test not only your skill but also your patience with this game. Just go straight in the parking lot and find the empty space to park your car. It’s quite simple but needs a lot of effort to make it in the right way. Let’s show off your reverse and controlling skill to park perfectly and be your own master behind the steering wheel.

5. Cars

This free online racing game is ideal to play for all ages. This game has adorable 2D graphics which are great to relax with. Get on your car and drive on that highway. All you need to do is avoid other cars in a highway and practice your wonderful driving skill. There are fast and slow playing options for you to choose from. You can practice your driving skill with the slow mode then testing what you have practiced through the challenging fast mode. Speed up and start your wonderful driving time with Cars.

6. Cars 3D Racing

This game will give you some high adrenaline through its intense racing.

Get on a realistic racing game with Cars 3D Racing game. The game has beautiful 3D graphics that will bring you a lot of enjoyable driving times. This game will give you some high adrenaline through its intense racing. Your driving time will be much easier with the simple controlling systems of the game.
Just make sure that you will keep your car in track and be the first one reaching the finish line. There are also extra options for you to play. You can choose your own car looks and select between single race mode or competition mode. Get on wonderful rides in this 3D driving and racing games - brand new unity games with great graphics

7. Monster Truck
This Monster Truck game is another great driving and car game you cannot skip over. Even though Monster Trucks are not really cars, but we can consider them as car-like vehicles. The game has great 3D graphics with smooth controlling effects. This is your time to show off your stunning driving truck skill. Gear on and take part in a series of intense driving times with Monster Truck.

8. Crazy Craft

Let’s have fun with building cars and let it drive smoothly on the track.

You will test your car building skill in this Crazy Craft game. Before taking your car into the track, all you need to do is making your own car. There is a load of different parts of the car for you to create. You will build your own car from these provided parts. Just make sure that you build your car properly then hit the start button to let your car drive on the track.
If your car is built poorly, it cannot make it to the driveway and you need to start over again. You will have a chance to express your creativeness and logical thinking in this game. Let’s have fun with building cars and let it drive smoothly on the track.

9. Ben 10 Car Game
If you are a fan of Ben 10, you definitely need to give this game a try. The gameplay is inspired by the Ben 10 cartoon series. You will join in the fantasy game world and smash other opponents in the Ben 10 Car Game. This fun game is ideal for you to relax and improve your driving skill while enjoying the great graphics from the famous Ben 10 Show. Speed your car up and have fun with some amazing race with Ben 10 Car Game. If you still yearning for more free online games to play on your browser, » You may want to visit:

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