Question Comparing LG monitors for graphical and gaming purposes.

Oct 7, 2019
Hello, I'm writing because I have an issue with picking the right display. It's gonna be used for amatheur graphic design in Photoshop (it's really amatheur, sRGB gamut is enough) and also gaming - sometimes and not the best games - gaming is simply not the point of this purchase, I care more of graphic. My friend who is a graphic designer told me to buy LG 29UM58 - the problem is, it's not available in my country anymore. I’ve found different 21:9 displays: LG 29UM69G and LG 29WK500-P. When I scroll through specs I see they’re almost the same. But the thing is, I want to get the same quality and image as in 29UM58. I checked a few pages about panels etc. but I still can’t get the information which of these displays is the most similar to the 29UM58. One seller told me that 29UM69G has the same panel so 29UM58 - but he wasn’t shure. Can you please help me with getting this information - which one of these displays is the most similar to 29UM58?

I would be really thankful :)