Comparing Two Cases (Antec and Corsair)


Oct 23, 2009
I have done a little research and have found two cases (in addition to many, many others) that seem very good.

One is the Antec Three Hundred Two:

And the other is the Corsair Carbide Series 500R:

My main question is this: Why is there a large price difference? The features seem almost the same (apart from an extra external drive bay and a firewire port).

I have found the first case for 55 USD at Micro Center. The cheapest I can find for the second is 115 USD on Newegg. How does the Corsair 500R justify twice the cost of the Antec Three Hundred Two?

Any thoughts?

Is it merely personal preference? I currently have a HAF 932... it's giant and was fairly expensive for a case (140 USD). I am looking for a new case because I plan on continuing to use my old computer for lanning. From experience, I know I don't need a case as big as the HAF 932. Even the HAF 912 seems decent, at a 50 USD price!

Thanks for the input/discussion!



lets see: painted interior, captive thumbscrews, front mounted fan controller, front mounted led controller, front mounted fire wire port, 4 rear mounted water cooling passthrus (300 has only2 and they are on top of the case), the interior has rubber grommets on all the cable passthrus, top fits an h100 water cooler very easily and aesthetically pleasing, uses drive trays that stay in the case for when you need them instead of pain in the butt rails that you can never remember where you put them when you go to add more drives, comes with three 120mm fans and one 200 mm fan with room for 6 more (300 comes with a 120 and a 140 with room for 4 more)

You must be blind....


Apr 17, 2012
I just purchased the Antec Three Hundred Two to replace my Three Hundred. It's not too heavy or big. Of course it's not the perfect LAN computer but then again it's not expensive either.