Question Comparisons ddr's and refresh rates

Sep 2, 2022

I'm in the process of deciding on a new laptop.

Can someone explain in examples or informative details the difference between using a 60hz refresh rate vs. 90hz refresh rate in actual experience?

The two laptops I'm comparing are the Asus Zenbook 13 S Oled (60hz refresh) VS Asus Zenbook Oled 14 (90hz refresh) means refreshes the image 90 times per that right?

I have understood and seen this explained for the most when playing games BUT how do these refresh rates differ in just clicking through windows and surfing the net other words would you really notice the difference in SPEED and fluency in use? I realize that so many other factors play into this...internet connection....but I'm also meaning offline clicking moving through windows as well.
How much would this refresh rate 60 to 90 affect your buying decision.

FYI- I only play turn based games, watch videos, and look on the internet. ....having said that I still prefer speed.

DDDR-4 vs. DDDR-5
The Asus Zenbook s13 Oled has DDDR-5 and the Asus Zenbook 14 Oled is DDDR-4 ...I read about this and I think the newer generation laptops are now using this DDDR-5 ....but the Asus Zenbook 14 Oled has DDDR-4 this a big deal?, and does this mean that the S13 Oled would have better memory than the DDDR-4? Does DDDR-5 use a new motherboard concept regarding memory? The S13 has DDDR-5 but the 60hz.....that is a negative vs. Oled 14 Asus with 90hz but DDDR-4

Asus S13 Oled -13 In. screen vs. Asus 14 Oled 14In. screen ...both zenbooks.....

HEAT/FAN: I have seen people on you tube complain and state that the 13S tends to get pretty hot and loud fan noise is lighter and smaller.

CPU: I have seen the Asus S13 with AMD Ryzen 7 but cannot find it here in Thailand ...comes with Ryzen 5 not 7 in stores.....commart is coming so I'll check.
How much a difference in performance between 5 and 7.....obviously it's more power with 7 but would 5 be a bad decision. The 14 Oled comes in Intel and AMD models but Intel models use Iris xe graphics and the AMD models use radeon ...I lean toward AMD on the integrated graphics side. And both these Asus laptops are good for "LIGHT" gaming. What say you?

Weighing things out ...I lean towards the 14Oled because : screen size , refresh rate, no complaints about fan noise and overheating.......BUTTTT
on the other hand if the 60 refresh rate is not a big difference and the DDDR-5 is a good option then that would lean back toward S13.
Information detailed from experience about these two Asus laptops specifically related to refresh rate difference and DDDR would help in making my decision.

This info above is the most reply I'm hoping to hear about .....below is the secondary type question.

It would be great to have strong powered 14 inch CPU Intel 12 gen / AMD Ryzen 7 ...good not great graphics, Nvidia /Radeon AMD great screen color I like OLED but a matt screen with good color is good too since I'm not a fan of GLOSS. Up-gradeable in Memory and SSD ....Weight is not a huge issue.

No perfect laptop....always something to sacrifice on it seems.

I'm also open to other laptop suggestions with 90hz refresh preferably. Don't know every refresh rate on the laptops and if they have 12 gen intel chips below but I've been looking also at

ACER SWIFT X ....because it has an AMD CPU but a Nvidia Graphics card pretty cool combination.
HP Pavilion 14 Oled
HP Oled 2 in 1 360
Dell XPS 13 PLUS
Asus Zenbook 14X Oled (non space model)
Lenovo Yoga 7i pro
Asus Vivobook S15 or 14

I'm done. Sorry to be wordy.....but it's hard to narrow it down when there is much intricate detail to compare. Just give short precise answers if possible.....I know how forums get ...3 word answers.

I don't use forums.... hardly but....I cannot find answers on you tube or the internet searching. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can reply in specifics to my concerns.

Hope at least Tom replies.....thanx in advance Tom.
Sep 2, 2022
Sorry writing my own reply....

Pardon the extra D in DDR

And I must not have done the correct search in hz or ddr's on you tube ...because I found some good answers to my questions.

Should've double checked before my bad

But in any case it's always good to get further feedback and I'm sure I'll post again on something else.

So if there's no reply.....(since I'm not a regular in a forum click)....I'm good with that.