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Question Compatibility issue(?), old graphics card with new software?

Oct 14, 2019
I'm trying to use an MSI Radeon HD7850 with a Gigabyte Z77-D3H and Windows 7. Currently, if I install latest driver, computer crashes (black screen) frequently. If I try to install earlier driver, the install program fails to recognise card. So I've removed all drivers and no crashes, computer works through card but card can't do anything more than basic. I remember using this card before with an older driver (previously used an HD7770) but then tried new driver and crashes started, I removed drivers resulting in the current status. I did try fresh windows (7) and could then install earlier drivers but couldn't find one that didn't crash. It did seem that once newer .net versions were installed the card was no longer recognised by driver install program. I did all this many months ago and have ignored the problem since! Now it seems old drivers are no longer available from AMD. Is this doomed?! Please advise, I'm a novice. I guess the card might have a fault or not like the board? I have the driver disc so could try fresh windows again but don't really feel like it! Can you successfully remove all .net updates?
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