Compatibility of components


Dec 23, 2003
I hope I choose the right forum for this and I appreciate the help I have gotten so far from my other problems. I am wondering if the new 7.1 channel sound cards that come with the new asus mb like the p5ad2 are compatible with the true stereo components. I saw a few years back around 2001 a panasonic set that was intended for large projection tv's but was small and flat built much like the new age LCD screens. So I guess I am asking for any help with if computer sound cards can interface with normal stereo components and where I can go since I haven't seen anything on the boards or the archives in response to this to learn more. Finally if anyone can remember the model # of that set of speakers I am pretty sure it was panasonic or pioneer. I was in The Republic of South Korea when I saw them so I assume they are in America now.


Nov 17, 2002
For a simple answer, yes a soundcard can Interface with a
home stereo.

It is very easy to do.

The speakers? How small, how flat, regular drivers? Like a normal speaker? Look on the back for information.

they might be cool for a do it yourself project.

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