Question Compatibility of two different frequency RAMs

Nov 21, 2021
I have an intel i5 6500 processor desktop. It has an 8 GB Corsair 2400 MHz RAM. Currently, I want to add one more 8GB stick. But unfortunately, the same RAM is unavailable and I have to go with 8GB Corsair 3000 MHz RAM. I have the motherboard of Gigabyte H110M-DS2-CF (check). I can understand that it will result in both of them running at 2400 MHz. But apart from that will there be any other issues. Regarding the voltages, my existing one runs at 1.2V and has a tested latency of 16-16-16-39 (as per the official specs). The newer one runs at 1.35V and has a different latency. Will that make any effect?
Mixing RAM not bought as a single matched kit is not guaranteed to work together. Even if you bought the exact same make and model it is not guaranteed to work together.

When only using 2 sticks of RAM there is a better chance of mixing RAM but you want to pick 2 that have the closes matching speed, timing and voltage. If you go with RAM that is rated for a higher speed if it works it will run at the speed of the slower stick.

The guaranteed way to upgrade you RAM is sell what you have and buy a 16Gb kit.

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