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Nigel94 Is this a prebuilt or custom? If prebuilt, what is the mfg and model number? If custom, please name all the components, including the power supply's mfg. and model number? Also, please take two photos of the inside of your computer; one of the power supply label, and one showing the entire inside of your computer build. Then upload these photos to imgur and share the link here. These answers and actions are necessary for us to answer your question.
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Your psu technically is large enough for a gtx1660, as long as it has the required correct pcie connectors there shouldn't be an issue.

Lga1150 ran pcie 3.0, so compatability with that is good, regardless of pre-built or not, that only affected cpus, not gpus. Bios does NOT care at all what gpu you use, it'll run a RTX2080ti or GT710 without issue as it's UEFI.

So the only question remaining is will it physically fit inside the case, length and depth. Some 2 slot cards are too deep for some cases, some 10" long cards are too long to fit inside with the non-removable hdd cages. You'll need to look up case dimensions and gpu size compatibility.