Question Compatibility with new DDR4 Kingston Fury and old DDR4 model


Jan 2, 2017
Hello good day, I'm in a pickle right now as the item that I have ordered seem to be an entirely different model but the same type of ram from Kingston.

Here is the image of the item I bought, it is the same Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 4gb 2400MHZ which is on the left. The left one is the new model while the right is the one I owned which was an older model bought around 2017. I owned four of the old model which was on the right, the 4th one broke so I tried getting a new one. They gave me the one at the right which looks different. It WORKS by the way but for some reason. It is the only RAM detected by the entire system. No matter where I plug that RAM it only detects 1 ram which is the new one. It ignored the rest of the three rams I already owned. :(
Things I tried:
  1. Set the bios settings to default auto.(It boots but still detects only 1 ram, the new one.)
  2. Tried cleaning all the dim and other three rams. (Nothing happened.)
  3. Tried to also updating my bios(Made it worst, it is the same but at least all four rams are detected in bios but no fixes still 4gb.)
  4. Tried switching from new ram to all the DIM slots, nothing changed.
  5. Tried using other motherboards, it still the same, no fix
  6. Also tried CMOS restart with jumper. No fix
  7. Last resort.... I reformat my entire PC. It got worst as now it only detects the new ram and ignore the other 3 rams, BUT they are detected at bios that all slots are in use.
My last idea is that I get another one of the new ram so I have 2 new models, and 2 old ones. If I place the new one at the slot A1 and A2 for dual channel and the rest of the old ones at B1 and B2. Will this work?

NOTE: The old ram btw are still Kingston HyperX Fury 4gb 2400MHZ and all of them are CL-15 as I thoroughly checked. I don't know why the old model doesn't pair with the old one despite them same clock speed , same model and same frequency.


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