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Question Compatibility

Jul 30, 2021
Yo! I have a Asrock X570 m I'm in the process of dividing my PCI slots up and I realized it had a M.2 wifi key slot, the problem is that I have only found Intel wifi m.2 key cards. It's not a PCI slot it's on board m.2 and I have no idea what is compatible. So far I've managed to find plenty of PCI amd cards but none for the m.2 key wifi slot. My question is, is the Intel m.2 wifi 6 compatible with my Asrock x570 mini itx Motherboard
I did not even know that AMD makes wifi. Most wifi chipset are from companies like broadcom,qualcomm and intel.
The whole reason for for the special form of M2 slot used by wifi is for compatibility. If the card will fit it should work.

Be very careful about the parts you buy there are a lot of fake devices being sold. You will see many of the fake cards do not actually have things like "intel" actually printed on the part. It is very hard to tell now days. Some of the cards are fine the are just not paying intel the fee they should others are poor quality devices.
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