Question Compatible GPUs for Dell Optiplex GX620?


Which form factored OptiPlex do you have? The brochure says that the PSU will be less than 305W. You will also need to factor in the age of the PSU in the build since the capacitors will degrade over time meaning that the power output effectively by the PSU will be decreased further.

I can't safely suggest any GPU for your build apart from perhaps the GT1030 with the current PSU, regardless of form factor. If you have the Desktop version and the motherboard's connectors aren't proprietary, you can drop in a GTX750Ti/GTX1050Ti but your limiter will be the processor and the ram(and the platform in general).
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Oct 6, 2020
The brochure had nice information, on the side by side description of the 620 and 520 on the second page, looking at the little image of the 620 models the one I have is the one with the biggest chasis, the chipset is the Intel 945 express, I would upgrade the pcu to a pentium D and the power supply to a bigger one , the ram ddr2 is very cheap and would also do the upgrade