Compatible WDDM driver


Jan 1, 2012
Is there a WDDM compatible driver for 9250 radeon video card?The card is 256 mg and since I put Windows 7 on my pc it shows it is only using 18 mg. And if you go to systems and check out vidoe card it shows a standard VGA card instead. Can yo p[lease help me.


Windows 7 does not use WDDM. It uses a new thing called WHQL, and ATI(now AMD) stopped making drivers for that card with Windows XP. What Windows 7 is doing is using it's generic VGA driver like it does in safe mode. As you have surely seen, it is limited.

You did not mention whether it is a PCI card or AGP. If it is AGP, then there are a few modern AGP cards available that will work fine on Windows 7. Here are the few I found just with a quick look.

Unfortunately they are more expensive than their more modern PCIe counterparts. The good news is the least expensive card is way, way, way more capable than you have now.

WDDM = Windows Display Driver Model and has nothing to do with WHQL. W7 uses WDDM 1.1 & W8 uses/includes WDDM 1.2.