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Complete home and render farm help


Nov 17, 2011
I do a lot a lot of Simulation, Photorealistic Rendering, CAD Design and Complex Engineering Animation, at the moment I use a Packard Bell IPower with Intel I7, with twin 23" screens and an older dual core Intel with twin 23" screens again, everything works fine just a little slow when doing the calculation phases of my work, rendering specifically.

Im just about to move into a new house with loads more space so I'm thinking to build a new system that can handle everything, I want this to be a system I can keep adding to in time as budget permits but here's the low down on what Ive got in mind.

Master Workstation Office :- 6 to 8 Screens all Packard Bell Viseo 230ws 23", I want to run all these screens using one mouse and keyboard, but am happy to run it across two, three or four machines, so the screens will be in blocks of 2 3 or 4 the layout. I need to be able to perform multiple tasks all at once.... so when one pair of screens is thinking or rendering one job, I can simply move to the next pair of screens with an uninterrupted workflow, the two lower central screens would be my primary workspace. Then I want to add a large 50" or 3d display or projector to this part of the system but in another part of the room to demonstrate CAD models to clients.

Secondary Workstation Lounge :- Pair of 23" screens, Packard Bell Ipower Intel I7, linked to network

Third Workstation Bedroom :- Pair of 23" or One large Display, More of a multi Media station for watching movies surfing etc.

Render Server Farm :- Built into a floor standing cabinet, I want it to look real slick, and like I said it needs to be expandable, obviously I need to be able to draw on this power from every workstation. See attached images for further interest

Questions, Thoughts, Notes and links.

Security, I need to keep all CAD Data and Internet systems separate or have a 100% fail safe in place at all times.

How will I power and split the screens effectively Multiple Graphics cards, Eyefinity 6 Edition, Adderview Pro Multiscreen or something else.

The CAD Software requires loads of RAM and loads of Processors to work best, or is something like Nvidia Quadro or Tesla going to be better suited for this application

Vray the rendering software can render over 10 systems see notes here http://www.vray.com/vray_for_rhino/manual/distributed_rendering.shtml

Do I build a CPU or GPU Biased system, Is GPU going to be compatible with my software. Excellent Link http://blog.renderstream.com/2010/01/are-you-ready-for-the-gpu-revolution-part-1/

If you keep in mind my primary software is Rhino 3d and VRay for Rhino so everything needs to work with this

In the first instance have a think about the Motherboards for the cluster, I want to stick with Intel I7 Chipset, I know dual or Quad motherboards are available but they are silly money, think maximum bang per buck above all else. As mentioned previously I know that GPU based systems are looking promising so your thoughts on this would be good, and then finally how does it all want to come together and function correctly what extra hardware software will be required to make it work effortlessly.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice

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