Question Completely unable to type the Hyphen key in Windows


May 28, 2018
I recently discovered that i was unable to type the hyphen key at all except in one situation in the logitech g software i can assign a mouse button to it, and this is the only situation in which the hyphen key does anything when i press it. The underscore always works and my keyboard is clean and works perfectly (i have the Drevo Blademaster). I have tried reinstalling every type of driver i could find on both the keyboards software and in windows itself and to no avail. I think that this is an issue with windows and after looking it up others have had the same problem in windows 10 but the threads never got much attention so no clear answer was ever given. I have also tried the on screen keyboard and not even that is able to type the hyphen so I think that something is definitely wrong here and I would love to get some help.