Completely unusable PC


Sep 9, 2017
So basically, I got windows 10 on my PC even though I prefer windows 7 by a mile. I just thought I needed to get the fresh windows to prevent my PC from running slow or old. So basically, I needed to reinstall everything which was a pain. I only downloaded steam and csgo because I wanted to play the game and after an hour or two, I turned off my PC to do something else ( but it was running so slow and was so unresponsive that I turned it off at the plug ). The next time I tried to turn my PC on it either gets stuck on the black screen with the spinning wheel of death or just at the black screen with a mouse cursor and does not advance any further. I tried spamming f2, f8 restarting the pc by power button, by a special reset button, by turning the button on the case on andoff (but never while the PC was on) and nothing helped whatsoever. I can't seem to start in safe mode. I'm not too sure on my specs so I'll list everything I know

Nvidia GeForce 210
Intel core i5 3330 quad core
8gb ram.

Bout it.