Completing HL2 without losing a life



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anybody done it?

I've completed it normally on Normal and Hard so I looked for another
challenge, playing it on easy and so far I'm right at the end of
Sandtraps (just about to kill the big baddie at the end of the level
just before you get the bugbait) and the Gordon Freeman character has
not died from enemy fire so far. <G>

So far I've only had game over 3 times

1) a bug where I carried a flail through a door in Ravenholm and it
killed me
2) the Father in Ravenholm died at the end of the level in the
graveyard when the AI got stuck and I couldn't get him free in time
3) fell of a cliff when my 3yo son ran into me and knocked my hand
(Blakes 7, City on the Edge of the World - Vila in typical panic mode)


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While circumnavigating the island (highway 17 scenarios) try this:

Turn on cheats (~ sv_cheats 1)

While at a location safe from antlions, exit the buggy and spawn an airboat
(impulse 83). Use the airboat while on land or in the water.

Be careful not to stop for very long while in the water... the eels will
bite you to death. Also, ther are certain spots where you absolutely need
the buggy:

- at the campsite where you kill you first use the RPG, they will not open
the gates unless you're in the buggy.
- anyplace where you need to jump any large gaps.

When you find that you need a buggy, simply exit the airboat and spawn one
(impulse 82).

Conversely, they won't allow you into the tunnel campsite where the
vortigant adds the cannon to your airboat unless it is the original airboat.
So, if you abandon the oiriginal airboat you cannot just create a new one
and hope to get the cannon you'll need later to kill the helicopter at the


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nutt wrote:
> I've done this on Hard. Only died when a desk crushed me in
> Nova Prospekt.

What? a desk crushed you?
Big kudos for completing in on Hard, but you must have grinned a little
when Gordon manages to defeat countless soldiers, zombies, gunships,
dangerous narriow ledges etc etc only to be killed by a piece of
falling office furniture.