Question Complex question about splitting 1-Displayport to 1-Displayport/ 1-HDMI


Aug 28, 2015
I currently have 2 - GTX1080's (in SLI) driving 3 - Samsung 4k UHD HDR 28" Monitors. And yes, all connections are on the primary card. I also have the HDMI port on the primary going to my Yamaha RX-479 Receiver, providing a very nice 5.1 Audio experience.

Here is my issue:

Neither Windows or Nvidia provide a way to configure the HDMI port as AUDIO ONLY. So I end up having a "Ghost" monitor in both the Windows 10 configuration display, and the nVidia configuration display (which I have set to 1920 x 1080 as it's the lowest resolution I can set it to). Disabling the ghost display cuts the signal to my receiver, so that's out of the question. This configuration drives me nuts because sometimes a window will open up on the ghost monitor, or something will happen to cause my desktop icons to move there. This is a pain!

I thought about running one of my 4k Display ports (center) to my receiver, then to my center monitor.. but I'm not sure how the receiver would handle Freesync, or any display frequency past 60Hz. I thought (very briefly) about using the s/pdif for audio, but I want the multi-channel digital bitstream for TrueHD, Atmos, and DTS-MA sound (letting my receiver decode).

So I am at an impasse here... I will have the same issue when I set up my Media PC, that will be driving my home theater.. so would it be possible (advisable) to get a Displayport splitter (1 to 2), and and split to both my receiver and monitor? Or would the MST put me back in that same boat? And would my primary GTX-1080 even play nice with the MST splitter?

I have Googled this and Googled this, and can't seem to find anyone else with this issue... any help would be appreciated.
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