Question Complicated solution to replace audio interface

Oct 16, 2021
Hi everyone, let me explain my current audio situation.
I have goXLR mini plugged into my pc, my DT 990 Pro plugged into the headphone port and my Presonus Eris 3.5 speakers connected via line out (3,5mm to RCA double cable). Also my podmic connected via xlr.
There are two audio profiles configured in the software, one for games and voicechat, where the line out is muted, so the other people dont hear the game/voicechat, and one for general listening to music etc. while working, which powers both headphones and speakers. I usually have my headphones just tucked away, so it doesnt matter, I just switch to the headphone profile when I need it (via streamdeck).

The other thing I really enjoy is the ability to have separate audio channels within the interface, so I have discord on channel 2, game on channel 3 and system on channel 4. So I can mute my video when Im gaming when I need to concentrate or when Im in vc and the game is too loud, I just mute channel 3 real quickly, very convenient.

The only real thing that bothers me, and I know this is a small issue but I still want to find an alternative, is that the goxlr just looks bad. It has a gamery look, which I dont like, and I'd much rather have a knob/dial if possible instead of the faders.
So my question is:

I know there is stuff like EarTrumpet, Voicemeeter Banana/potato that do via software what goxlr is doing. Is there any way to combine a good audio interface, connect my headphones AND speakers and hook up a dedicated headphone amp (and maybe DAC) and have this solution with better components in a better looking package?
Im aware that this is a lot to process and it might be complicated, I just want to know if its possible to do all this, let it be macros, software etc. etc.

Really hoping for some answers, Cheers


This mixer?

We all want things to look nice. But "nice", "better looking" etc.. is subjective. And (full disclosure) I do not see that mixer as "gamery". Views vary and that is okay.

If what you have is working then keep it in place and eventually you may not even notice anymore.

And although some other product may prove to be cosmetically more satisfying there is a good chance that there will be some other offset issue: quality, flexibility, price, etc..

As for "to do all this" - yes, quite likely possible but again, there will be trade-offs. Macros and software can easily go astray. All it takes is some update or other system change and all is for nought.

If all is working then leave well enough alone.

Just my thoughts and suggestions.