[SOLVED] Components upgrade

Jan 13, 2020
Hello, I'm planning on upgrading and I'd like to hear your opinion. My goal is for 3d modelling and texturing (Maya, zbrush,substance painter).
I currently have:
ga-ab350-m motherboard
cpu- ryzen 5 2600
gtx 1060 6 gb
8 gb ram.

Now, im definitely going to upgrade to 2x16 gb of ram, but I'm not sure about what processors to upgrade to (was thinking ryzen 7 3800x), and whether or not it will b e compatible with the motherboard. Budget is flexible, anywhere from $600-800.
Clarify which particular Gigabyte motherboard you have. The specs page will show CPU compatibility for it.

Technically the B350 chipset motherboards should be compatible with Ryzen 3000 CPUs after a BIOS update, but whether it is a wise decision remains to be seen.
If you've got the money, I'd recommend you jump to X570 along with a 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU.

But if you want to keep it, the max CPU i'd recommend is the 3700X for that B350 chipset board. Due to the 3700X's 65W TDP. Anything higher, and I'd worry about the VRMs melting.