Question Comprehensive report of PC performance/advanced troubleshooting for intermittent BSOD errors. Expert help appreciated!

Oct 8, 2020
CPU-Z Validation Link:
The PSU is not listed in the validation link I believe, therefore it is (allegedly) an EVGA 600 W 80 Gold Plus

My PC is a cyberpower prebuilt, which was bought in the Fall of 2020. Initially, I swapped out the 8GB stick of ADATA RAM that it came with, with 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX sticks, rated at 3200 MHz bought separately. Since then, the PC would randomly blue screen at times, with no pattern or significance. I could be idle, or in a game - typically never occurred at high load. Oddly, the BSOD error happens every 1-2 months, and again, no high load or anything.

I am unsure if RAM is the issue, although I never had an issue the few weeks I had the 8GB stick in initially (but 1-2 months occurrence makes it hard to rule out).

When this first happened back in the Fall, I tested the 2 sticks of Corsair Vengeance on memtest86, for several hours (~4 hr), with 0 errors. Chipset drivers, clean installation using DDU, updating BIOS to latest version did not resolve this once a month or two issue. Again, there is no correlation to heavy loads or high temperatures. It can happen at desktop while idle, or on the web or in a game when it does happen. I also upped my DRAM voltage to 1.4 V from 1.35, which was promising at first since I didn't BSOD for nearly 2 months.

I have conducted several tests which are potentially indicative of a problem, but perhaps not.

I ran Prime95 small fft test and worker #7 and #8 stopped working, I do not know much about what it means. Here are images of the tests: View:
; And here's an image of the BSOD error details that happened yesterday: in reliability history. The error details regarding prime95 workers stopping: View:

[Sat Jul 31 02:28:31 2021]
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 37.61314887, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected running 36K FFT size, consult stress.txt file.

FATAL ERROR: Final result was B322CA05, expected: 1A75EF3C.
Hardware failure detected running 48K FFT size, consult stress.txt file.
[Sat Jul 31 02:46:31 2021]

Next, I checked my CPU voltage whilst running Prime95 today. Interestingly, the temperature was very high while running Prime95 for only several minutes. Here is a screenshot of the metrics using small fft Prime 95 after 5 minutes or so: View:

I have tried my best with the little known PC knowledge I do have, hopefully I provided you with enough information to possibly find a culprit. Please let me know of any further questions or tests you'd want done.

Thank you
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