[SOLVED] Compressed Air


Feb 24, 2020
Can anyone suggest, (in the UK,) of a decent brand of compressed air that I can use to clean the internal components of my PC? Its just that most I have seen dont specify ''can clean PC components'' just mainly the external parts and I dont want to wreck anything.
Most Computer Can "Air" dusters aren't expelling air at all. They contain a harmless non-conductive liquid that evaporates in standard atmospheres. They are pressurized by nitrogen sitting over top of the liquid form "duster" spray. This is why you can't spray them upside down.

Condensate can form from the cold exhaust however. So make sure any liquid drops you see evaporate before turning back on your computer. Also the act of spraying the can causes cooling of the can (result of phase change heat of vaporization loss) which reduces the effectiveness of the nitrogen to pressurize the can. If this happens, just wait for the can to warm back up.

This is the same liquid they use in main frames to liquid cool them. That way if there is a leak, it just evaporates and it doesn't short anything out because it's non conductive. But it isn't as effective as glycol water and very expensive. Hence why we don't have wide adoption of this fluid for cooling.
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