Question Compressed files downloaded to exFAT format sometimes corrupt


Jun 15, 2017
So I posted another question recently about my SD card which was having issues with corrupting some compressed files downloaded to it. After more testing, trying out a different SD card, and testing out two different external HDDs, I think the problem is actually that my computer doesn't seem to like the exFAT format.

Whenever I download something in 7z/zip/rar format directly to something that is formatted exFAT, such as an SD card or external HDD, there is a chance it corrupts itself. The file appears fine in file explorer, but testing it or trying to extract it will come up with errors such as "checksum error, the file is corrupt" or "data error" in winRAR and 7zip respectfully. However, anything that is not compressed and downloaded to exFAT devices is fine.

I've already tried a bunch of different basic troubleshooting things such as using different USB ports, restarting my router and computer, etc. but nothing seems to help. Anything downloaded to my internal HDD, which is formatted NTFS, has not had a single issue, and the same goes for my external NTFS HDD. My computer is running Windows 10.

The weird thing is, I am not having this issue on my old Windows 8 laptop. I can download things directly onto my SD card or external HDD on there without any issues, everything extracts normally and I have yet to get a corrupt file after testing about 20 or so different downloads for both.

If I just download compressed files to my internal HDD and copy them over to an exFAT format device, there's no issue, no corruption and the files extract normally. So this is not a major issue, but still a minor inconvenience. My main concern is why exactly is it doing this? It kinda worries me that this is only happening with my desktop PC and not my laptop, could there be anything wrong with my computer? I've also done multiple virus scans with Malwarebytes, but that hasn't detected anything. I've tried searching the internet but can't seem to find anything about this.